Getting ready for your session

Congratulations on your upcoming photo shoot with Brittany Bays Photography!



When shooting in the studio please note the section of the studio we will be shooting in. There are 3 different studio bays (1st floor, 2nd floor, and the carriage house). The carriage house is a smaller studio behind the main building. I will notify you prior to the session what section we will be shooting in. If you arrive early, it is best to wait in the front waiting room and I will come get you at the appropriate time. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early for your shoot. The studio provides street parking only, but there are usually plenty of spots available right out front.


Portrait sessions are either done at my Newport, KY studio or on-location. I have a few favorite spots to shoot at outdoors but I am always up for a new adventure. When it comes to locations, I love trying someplace new, so I’m open to any ideas you may have! Note that when shooting on-location, wardrobe changing will most likely be done in your vehicle.  If you aren't comfortable with this, we can drive to the nearest bathroom, but keep in mind it will cut into our session time. In the colder winter months it may be best to schedule your shoot in the studio, but if you can tough out the cold, I am up for it, if you are!

On your photo shoot I will help coach you on photo movement techniques and help you get camera ready. To better prepare, practice moving in front of a mirror. Try different expressions, movements, and laughing.

It is also important that you arrive fresh and ready for your session. A good night sleep, eat something before arriving and come well hydrated. I want you to look and feel comfortable, and depending on where we go, there could be some walking involved, so I don't want you to pass out!


I suggest coming with your hair styled naturally at first, but bring any product you normally use so we can create a couple different looks. Bring a comb with you too.


For a 1 hour session, bring about 5-6 outfits. We may only shoot in 4 of them, but having a few other options to choose from is always good! For a 2 hour session I recommend bringing 7-10 outfits. Clothes with heavy wording or logos are discouraged. Also please stay away from pin stripes. Super skinny stripes tend to look really wonky on screen and in print. I suggest bringing an array of casual to dressy attire. If your shoot is for your modeling portfolio I recommend bringing formal wear or bridal attire!  If you are interested in fitness modeling, bring that type of wardrobe too. 


Please bring several pairs of shoes with you, from casual to dressy.


Accessories can really help bring your photos to life. Pease bring any jewelry, hats, scarves, sunglasses or belts you may have.


Depending on the season and location, I recommend bottled water & insect repellent if shooting outdoors, and quarters for meters if shooting downtown

After your session:

Within 1-2 days after your session, a sneak peek photo will be up on the Facebook page.  Make sure to like my page and go ahead and tag yourself! 

Your completed images will be available to you approximately 4-6 weeks after your session. You will receive an email with the login information so you can download them directly to your computer from your private online gallery.

Social Media:

I absolutely LOVE it when my clients post their images to facebook, twitter, and instagram. Feel free to put them on any social media you like! HOWEVER, any image you post must include a note that it was photographed by me. Even better if you just tag my business page. Also please refrain from using any photo filters, as they alter all my hard editing work. :)


Please acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above session guide.

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